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Stingers: A Football Injury | Children's Hospital Colorado A stinger, also called a burner depending on who you ask, is the nickname given to a common nerve injury of the neck and shoulder seen in contact sports, especially football. It almost always occurs during tackling, when the tackler get his shoulder forced one way while his head and neck the other. What is a Stinger and How to Treat It - stack Sep 5, 2020 · According to Dr. Matt Stevens, physical therapist and owner of Pure Physio (Strongsville, Ohio), a stinger is a compression injury to the brachial plexus, which is a cluster of nerves that travel... The Burner/Stinger Football Injury - Verywell Health Oct 23, 2022 · A burner, also called a stinger, is a common injury in contact sports, especially football . Burners in football participants are extremely common, with over 50% of all athletes reporting at least one burner over the span of their career—and some with repeated episodes. Thomas Barwick / Getty Images Burner: What Is Happening? Burners and Stingers - OrthoInfo - AAOS Athletes who engage in contact sports are more likely to suffer a burner or stinger. These injuries often occur with a fall onto the head, such as in a wrestling takedown or a football tackle. In fact, tackling or blocking in American football is the athletic activity that most often causes burners or stingers. | Football Nov. 5 Football @ Laval RSEQ Semifinal; Loss 37-24; Oct. 29 Football vs. Laval . Win 37-30 OT; Oct. 21 Football @ McGill Shaughnessy Cup; Loss 31-13; Oct. 8 Football @ Montréal . Loss 38-14; Oct. 1 Football vs. Sherbrooke Shrine Bowl; MORE RESULTS Camarillo Stingers The Camarillo Stingers family of volunteers, coaches and board members served over 190 football and 50 cheer scholar-athletes during the 2022 football & cheer season. 17 + Years Serving communities Northwoods League: St. Cloud Rox rout Stingers - Yahoo Sports 1 day ago · The Stingers, who fall to 13-6 in the second half and 39-14 overall, play Game 2 of the home-and-home series with the Rox at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday at Joe Faber Field in St. Cloud. Advertisement St ... | Official Website of the Concordia Stingers Official website of the Concordia Stingers varsity teams with up-to-date information on scores, schedules, stats, tickets and news. What is a Stinger in Football? - The Sports House What is a stinger in football A stinger is a type of injury that occurs when the neck or shoulder is hit, resulting in a sharp pain that shoots down the arm. This type of injury is most common in contact sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse. What are the symptoms of a stinger? Stingers in the Neck: Causes, Treatment, Prevention Jun 5, 2023 · Neck burners and stingers are common football injuries. Playing other contact sports like rugby, boxing, and hockey increases risk, and gymnasts and weightlifters also have a higher incidence of neck stingers. Many people experience them during car accidents or by simply turning their heads quickly. 8 Common Types of Sports Injuries Burner or stinger: What is it, and how can you get better? A burner or a stinger is a stretch injury to the nerves coming out of the cervical spine. This injury often results from a traumatic event where the athlete’s neck is forcefully hyperextended or forced away from the opposite arm. Football players are most often affected by these injuries. What is a Stinger and How to Treat It - Coaches Insider Oct 13, 2017 · So that's a stinger. It's momentarily painful and a bit scary because of the numbness you can feel in your neck or arm, but it's essentially a minor injury. As always with injuries, however, if it's not allowed to heal completely, a stinger can be much more devastating by increasing the risk of permanent nerve damage.